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My Top 5 Black Vegan Celebrities​​​​​​​ Part 2

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My Top 5 Black Vegan Celebrities​​​​​​​ Part 2

1. Venus Williams


Like me,  Venus Williams went vegan shortly after being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. According to the Medicine Cabinet, Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by dryness of the mouth and eyes. Autoimmune diseases feature the abnormal production of extra antibodies in the blood that are directed against various tissues of the body. The misdirected immune system in autoimmunity tends to lead to inflammation of tissues.

Not just her but her sister made the change in her lifestyle as well. Serena Williams says, "My fridge is really just vegan, coconut water, Gatorade (my favorite), cucumbers, mint, kale, vegetables, ginger, and wheat grass." 

2. Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson lost over 100 pounds after going vegan. He says "I wish I was born this way, I wonder why I was crazy all those years".


This man is 51!! Black really don't crack!

3. Chaka Khan


When she was 59 Chaka Khan gained alot of weight, as well as being diagnosed with diabetes and blood pressure. In the year 2011 she went on a liquid diet, and the results from that motivated her to cut our dairy and meat from her diet for good, losing 60 pounds.

4. Kimberly Elise


I love this woman so much you guys! I still remember her from Tyler Perry's movie "Diary of Mad Black Woman".

At 51 years of age, Kimberly Elise, says that "Not a day goes by when someone doesn't ask me, if I'm vegan." Her website is filled with recipes, inspiration, and so much more! Please go check it out.

5. Angela Davis

At the 27th Empowering Women of Color Conference, Angela Davis says,

“I think it’s the right moment to talk about it because it is part of a revolutionary perspective – how can we not only discover more compassionate relations with human beings but how can we develop compassionate relations with the other creatures with whom we share this planet and that would mean challenging the whole capitalist industrial form of food production.”