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Martha MangiComment

If you do decide to quit the animal product and dairy life or just want to take a break from it, but don't want to give up your favorite daily cereal bowl, this post is for you! When I first decided to go full-blown vegan I thought I would just eat greens and beans for the rest of my life. I was going through the cereal aisle at my local supermarket and happened to stumble upon my favorite sugary cereals, I sighed because I missed them soo much!

I quickly browsed through the ingredients and didn't see any alarming animal ingredients, so I pulled out my phone and took pictures. Once I reached home, I was googling everything, and to my surprise a lot of the cereals out there are "Accidentally Vegan". What that means is that these cereals were not planned or created to be vegan but they just happen to be.


 1. Nestle Cookie Crisp


Yas! Yass! Yasss! This is my favorite cereal so far! It turns your milk into chocolate, its super crunchy and it's shaped like cookies. Also, great for baking as well if you don't have chocolate chips. :D

 2. Rice Krispies


A family classic! These little bits make the best craft ideas, and bars. Simple, healthy, and nutritious.

3. Cap' N Crunch

Very crunchy Indeed! Always on board for this gem right here! lol ;)

4. Fruit Loops



Definitely a mood booster! You can just smell the rainbow once you open the box, turns your milk into a colorful concoction, I stan this cereal ok!

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Not exactly my favorite cereal but I remember enjoying it at my friend's house when I slept over. I love all things cinnamon, and the aroma is undeniably addictive.