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Learning to say NO!

Martha MangiComment
Learning to say NO!

Let me set the scene for you guys. You are invited to a small get together. You already know that the person who is hosting this event doesn't share your food goals, your nutrition ideas, and is basically the opposite of you when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. But, of course you do not want to seem anti-social and you haven't been out in a long time, like a long time! You enjoy your privacy, because you have no temptations, no distractions, and you can achieve your health goals on your own terms, and on your own turf.

You're making your daily smoothies, enjoying your salads, and your dark chocolate, watching Netflix and contemplating the idea of going to this get together. You finally resolve on going and get up to get dressed and you’re pleased with your progress as you look in the mirror. You go to your friend’s house, and you can smell the fried foods all the way from the parking lot. You scan the table for some healthy options, but to your dismay all you see is what looks like the junk food aisle of a grocery store.

Your friends offer to serve you a plate and make their rounds getting you a bit of everything, because they want you to try the different foods. Now, it is awkward because you have to explain to a room full of people that you don't eat that stuff anymore. You get all kinds of faces and side eyes that leave you feeling uncomfortable and out of place. You end up leaving early wishing you never came in the first place and your night has been pretty much spoilt.

Things you can do differently


I would have brought my own dish and introduced people to it; there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone enjoy your own meal. I would also call ahead of time and ask my "friend" if she could throw in a few healthy recipes for me. You can even eat right before going so you don't throw your whole health regime out the window. Then there's the option of hosting the event at your house. This is my mum’s favorite thing to do. We cook all day and party all night. Everyone leaves happy and a little smarter, except when there are dishes to wash….

it is your life


If you have a goal stick to it, and if you find that you can't deal with the temptation then high tail it out of there! It's your body, your life, and all those side eyeing people are probably not going to motivate your behind in the gym, they aren't over your shoulder counting your calories, and they aren't there at night telling you to sleep early so you don't end up overeating watching Sex and the City. At the end of they day, do you boo boo!

What are somethings that you do to when put in a similar situation? Let us know your thoughts below.