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Black women taking over top magazine covers after centuries of marginalization

Gloria MangiComment
Black women taking over top magazine covers after centuries of marginalization


Black girl magic has been trending for a while now and there is more proof that it is here to stay!

It is a no-brainer that the September issues a.k.a. Fall issues of fashion and style magazines are a big deal. Fall issues are regarded as the precursor to the new fashion year, hence, a great fall signifies an awesome fashion year ahead.

In terms of time invested in planning, size, hype and sales, there is no doubt they are the biggest and not just anyone makes it to the cover pages.

This year, black women are making waves and dominating the fall issues and we are so here for it!

Beyonce - Vogue


After gracing the covers of several prolific magazines, including Vogue Magazine, Queen Bey is proving she still has it in her as she is set to once again cover the yet to be revealed September 2018 issue of Vogue magazine. Just as in 2015 September issue, she is said to have granted no interview. This year, however, she has been given full control of the shoot, which has never happened in the magazine’s history. Beyoncé is said to have hired a 23-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell to shoot the cover, the first black photographer in the history of the magazine to do so. We wait eagerly for the big reveal.

Rihanna - Vogue UK

Rihanna is no newbie to magazine covers having covered 12 issues just for Vogue magazine. This time, she makes her first September cover and goes down in history as the first black woman to cover the British Vogue issue. She was also involved in the creative process and her look was created solely with makeup products from her Fenty Beauty line.

Tiffany Haddish - Glamour

Tiffany Haddish.jpg

Like she puts it, “if they are not talking about you, then you are not doing your job”. Arguably the Queen of Comedy right now, Tiffany Haddish is doing her work pretty well and has everyone talking as she graces the colourful September issue of Glamour magazine. She has bagged a number of magazine covers such as the controversial Time Magazine April 30th cover that fans were not too pleased about, Essence magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

Tracee Ellis Ross - Elle Canada

elle canada.jpg

Golden Globe award-winning actress and director Tracee Ellis Ross was recently revealed as the cover of Elle Canada’s September issue. The 45-year-old daughter of Soul Queen, Diana Ross, has made the covers of various magazines and was recently featured in Drake’s Nice for what” music video. She has also worked as a fashion editor at Mirabella and in the fashion department of New York Magazine.

Stacey Abrams – Time, The South Issue


This might not be a fall issue but is definitely one to look out for this month. Set to become America’s first black female governor if she wins, Stacey Abrams also makes the list as she covers the August 6th issue of Time Magazine; The South Issue. Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, romance novelist and businesswoman who has served as a minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives for 6 years; 2011-2017.

With other fashion houses yet to reveal their fall issues, we hope to see more black people gracing the covers and making us proud!

Gloria Mangi is an award winning, creative, journalist, activist and founder of the award winning African Queens Project and host of Queen Things Podcast.