#Afribaby: We're in Love with Fat Nwigwe's Pregnancy Announcement

#Afribaby: We're in Love with Fat Nwigwe's Pregnancy Announcement

The wife of Nigerian rap artist Tobe Nwigwe announced she was pregnant over the weekend, but not without their typical dramatic spectacle.

In typical Forever Twisted fashion, Tobe took to Instagram on Sunday, January 27th to reveal “Ode to Fat,” a 3-part video honoring the love for his life and stage partner. Lyrically cooing about their new bundle of joy over a rhythmic melody, Tobe slowly raps “My baby is having my baby, and it’s the most genuine form of happiness.”

The music video in its entirety opens with an overlook on budding greenery and the couple standing in front of nude-esque dancers. The visual continues with the constant scene of hair-braiding, which is a staple in their brand, ending in astral and mesmerizing angles of Fat's beauty.

The announcement was very #pregnancygoals giving you a dose of baby fever! Social media went crazy after seeing all the imagery. You’ve got to love the continued show of support between the couple in such a 'look at me' world.  

Tobe started to gain fame when he participated in the #SoGoneChallenge, a freestyle saga taking place across Instagram in 2016. Since that time, he’s managed to create stellar music videos that accompany his lyrics and powerful diatribe.

Fat has been instrumental in Tobe’s career growth and success, always by his side in every video and on every stage. This announcement was an amazing opportunity to simply love on her.

We’re looking forward to all the imagery surrounding the new baby and growing family. Cheers to Forever Twisted!