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12 Female Athletes Reigning on the Court and Slaying off the Field

IzE AhanotuComment
12 Female Athletes Reigning on the Court and Slaying off the Field

African female athletes are taking over sports, breaking records worldwide, and looking good when they do it. When they are in the zone and winning, their natural beauty is breathtaking. Off the court, they are amazingly just as elegant and stunning.

Take a look at a few of the African queens playing with our hearts and giving us life!

1. Italee Lucas


Angolan beauty Italee Lucas was born in the U.S. but reclaimed her African nationality to play for the country's basketball team. While she still plays basketball professionally, her highlight from FIBA’s AfroBasket shows she is beautifully unstoppable.

2. Winnie A. Okoth


Winnie Okoth is an anomaly in African female athletes. She is a young Kenyan star in Crossfit and weight-lifting while slaying at the same time.

Unlike other sports, bodybuilding and lifting can change a woman’s physique. Winnie’s not worried, but very confident that this training will keep her beautiful and take her far. We’re cheering her on as she wants to win the Crossfit Games and be top 10 in African athletes.

3. Naomi Osaka


Naomi Osaka represents Japan in tennis but her Haitian roots, and noire looks, do not fall far from the tree. Between her sister Mari and herself, they’ve been slowing taking over tennis worldwide just like their winning Grand Slam sister counterparts Serena and Venus Williams.

4. Wenda Nel


Wenda Nel leaves the track on fire as an award-winning hurdler. Nel is all about loving life and others as her recent campaigns with Puma challenge what it means to be strong, fearless, and beautiful.

5. Binta Drammeh


Binta Drammeh plays professionally for Sweden but her heritage lies in Sierra Leone. At 26, she has a gorgeous glow and shine that spans across the basketball court into the streets. When hitting the court, she holds her own and doesn’t look back. Checking out her success so far, she is not to be dismissed.

6. Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene


Soccer star Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene is no stranger to getting it done on the field. A bit of a perfectionist, Onguene has repped the Cameroon national football team since 2008 and was voted best player at the Africa’s Women Cups of Nations. Black sunglasses are a staple piece for her and give glam with every outfit she rocks.

7. Seun Adigun


Seun Adigun captured everyone’s hearts when her trio of track superstars turned bobsled bombshells debuted Nigeria in the 2018 Winter Olympics and became champions. She is #TheFirstAfrican to win Summer and Winter Olympic medals as she gracefully shares her story of triumph everyday.

8. Blessing Okagbare


Taking over as Nigeria’s Queen of the Tracks, Blessing Okagbare is definitely #slaygoals. The record-setting runner has raised the bar on what it means for Naija athletes to reign supreme on the rubber.

9. Murielle Ahouré


Similar to Ivory material, Murielle Ahouré was a hard-to-find pure talent repping Cote d’Ivoire. 2019 is hers as she recently nabbed a gold medal at the annual Diamond League championships. While the impressive superstar fought depression and became a hit on the track, she’s good for giving us beat face and statement fashions in-between practices.

10. Marie Josée Tal Lou


Just like her Ivorian team mate Murielle, we couldn’t leave this coastal beauty off the list. Recently ranked the fastest woman in the world, Marie Josée Tal Lou is a world champion with her sights set on the Olympic medal and she’s not far from it. In the meantime, as we cheer her on to the ceremonies, we will take these servings of slay and culture she has to offer.

11. Leia Dongue


Leia Dongue has been extremely valuable to her team voted MVP two years in a row and helping Mozambique and take home gold and silver medals over the past ten years. It’s only right after keeping her team on the winning side, she’s give us a slay on her good side.

12. Asisat Oshoala


Originally a Nigerian Super Falcon and committed to taking Naija football players international, Asisat Oshoala recently signed to play professionally in Spain. Named African Women’s Footballer of the Year three times, it’s clear that Asistat is an asset to any team she joins. Her captivating smile and fun personality appear to be great assets as well.