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Support African Queens Project

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Support African Queens Project

African Queens Project at 9:30AM EAT launched a fundraising campaign to help support the work that we do for the next year. Click here to view the campaign

African Queens Project, under WACOT (Women Alliance in Community Transformation) is a registered NGO with ID number 00NGO/00006991 in Tanzania. We provide a platform that gives African women from all sectors and walks of life a powerful voice using creative media tools so as to empower, encourage, inform, and instigate positive change. As we are an NGO, all the money that is raised is used solely for this purpose. 

African Queens Project was founded in 2012 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Gloria Mangi and since then we have shared over 3,000 stories of African women in Africa and the diaspora, launched a radio show, have won 2 awards from Google and WSYA and have empowered young girls and women through campaigns such as raising awareness of domestic violence in tribal communities and educating the girl child through partnerships with like-minded organisations.

With your help of any amount, we can document even more stories around Africa and the diaspora thus reaching more women, create effective tools and resources and continue running targeted grassroot campaigns on prevalent issues that affect African women and girls such as education, economic empowerment, child marriage, and domestic violence. The monetary goal that we have indicated on this fundraiser goes towards doing this work until August of next year.

We are using this campaign as a way for supporters of African Queens Project around the world to donate directly to the organization online, where you can donate at anytime towards the project and the work that we do until the indicated deadline. 

On behalf of the organization and all our volunteers, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to support the work that we do and we are excited to continue giving a voice to the voiceless. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or comments that you may have or visit our website.


Gloria Mangi

Executive Director 





Gloria Mangi is an award winning, creative, journalist, activist and founder of the award winning African Queens Project and host of Queen Things Podcast.