Grace OkogwuComment

20 Times Moshoodat Made Us Look Like the Queens We Are

Grace OkogwuComment
20 Times Moshoodat Made Us Look Like the Queens We Are

Welcome to Black History Month! While we are celebrating royal ancestors from all over the diaspora, we wanted to kick off this month with a touch of beauty.

The act of applying makeup might be a simple beauty care routine for thousands of women worldwide, but there is something about Moshoodat Sunni and her ability to capture our goddess looks every single time, that takes it to new heights. With every look, Moshoodat manages to use the art of make-up and styling to communicate statements that empower and strengthen self-love for women of color. Her photography partner Joey Rosado truly has an eye for grasping that feeling.

Dive into a collection of 20 times our favorite New York-based creative director and makeup artist visually represented the inner light of black queens everywhere.

  1. Did you feel a surge of joy looking at this photo of model Queen Nyakimo? We did too. It has to be the vision of gold enhanced by her bright smile that gives off this vibe. The gold veil and corset is from the Moshoodat Crown Collection.

2. Moshoodat’s curated look for breast cancer survivor Ericka Hart’s photo shoot reminds us of the beauty of a woman’s strength: a foremost for royalty.

3. This portrait shared with Moshoodat’s social community to mark her 26th birthday, is eye-catching. The symmetric arrangement of gems on her face and hair give off an instant royalty vibe. She’s glowing.

4. Nothing screams Goddess more than this photo of one of Moshoodat’s natural crown creations. Armed with a stunning pearl collar neckpiece and show-stopping braided crown and top, there isn’t a shred of doubt Nyakim Gatwech felt like royalty.

5. If there’s one thing Moshoodat encourages through her art, it’s for women of colour taking delight in being in their own skins. Model Khoudia Diop is adorned with statement gold head and neck pieces as well as litters of golden highlighter on her neck.

6. Reigning is simplicity. Looking the part is even more seamless for melanin beauties. Moshoodat displays true natural beauty with model Krystal Tantricyogi adorned with a traditionally woven African neckpiece and earrings.

7. Grandeur and ‘glorious’ fully describes Moshoodat’s head creation with Afro-Latina performing artist Amara La Negra. Sunni’s creative work in this image is absolutely stunning.

8. Beauty runs in the blood. Moshoodat was sure to make Dunnie O and her daughter very lovely for a picture of what family values look like in a queendom.

9. Moshoodat’s styling serves! Designing fierce, traditional African looks for a Juvia’s Place’s cosmetic campaign, she helped exhibit beauty of all kinds through a tribal lens.

10. Moshoodat’s styling and makeup for model Lili Ann is simply divine. A true representation of a Queen.

11. The “Oga” singer, Yemi Alade, is looking like the Queen of Afrobeats in this Moshoodat creation.

12. Moshoodat’s styled Nigerian singer and newlywed, Simi for a cultural exhibition brought to life.

Accompanied with the golden touch, she’s oozing regal perfection and color.

13. Once again, give life! There’s no denial that Moshoodat’s motivation for this wonderful set with Khoudia Diop is to remind women to be comfortable in their own bodies as they accept their curves and color.

14. When it comes to appreciating beauty and body, one must be diverse. Jezra Matthews shows us, like queens everywhere, we are different in our look but lovely in our reign no matter our size.

15. We birth nations and lead the charge in every cause. Motherhood looks beautiful on mother Diandra. It should always be celebrated as we bring kings and queens into this world.

16. Moshoodat’s ‘Shine’ series explores bringing your internal assets to the forefront. This bust-style portrait doused in gold sparkle is an inspiring reminder of eminence.

17. When Moshoodat pursues empowering looks with body art, she makes a statement. Covergirl Shar Tutu, is a physical representation of everyday self-love.

18. Selecting a peacock to surround Kamie Crawford’s beauty was perfect considering the animal symbolizes royalty, integrity, and awakening globally.

19. Moshoodat’s tribal face on Tico Ohamu Armand is a true depiction of an African Queen owning her roots while quoting Maya Angelou “I come as one, but stand as 10,000.”

20. This collaborative picture of different queens is a royal scenery. Each color complements the associated diva and allows them to exude their ultimate greatness.

It’s easy to connect with Moshoodat’s works. Her careful dedication to represent women of color as royalty and works of art is both relatable and admirable. Moshoodat is changing the game of make-up artistry as she passionately represents women of colour like the Queens they are.