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Press Release from AQP: “Queen Things”, a new Women’s Podcast

Gloria MangiComment
Press Release from AQP: “Queen Things”, a new Women’s Podcast

On Wednesday, March 21st, get inspired, informed and motivated with a new podcast showcasing the talented African women that are breaking ground in their industries as leaders, innovators, and creators. The Queen Things Podcast with Gloria Mangi, dissects the success stories of these African built women through entertaining dialogue, exclusive interviews and so much more, not leaving out the cultural additives.

03/01/18 ATLANTA— Imagine grabbing dinner with Bozoma Saint John after reading the latest PR scandal with Uber or taking a walk with Issa Rae after Season 2 of Insecure has ended, or even sitting with Nneka Ogwumike when she was drafted #1 into the WNBA. What would you want to know, how would you ask it, and what does their heritage have to do with any of their success? Queen Things, a new podcast show hosted by Gloria Mangi, the founder and creator of the award winning African Queens Project, will debut on Wednesday, Mar. 21. Although a 30-45 minute interview-driven podcast, smaller segments like Ask Our Kings, Claim Your Crown, and Aspire to Inspire are added to discuss women’s issues and trending news, interaction with listeners via social media, and closing inspiration to push you forward.

In the Throne Room, listeners will be excited to hear the background stories of their favorite African women transforming industries while keeping their culture and heritage intact. In intimate conversations with African women you admire; you watch their shows, support their businesses, listen to their music, and share their accomplishments - the Queen Things podcast takes you into the inner sanctuary with these women for an intimate dialogue that goes beyond their come up and covers how their backgrounds affected their failures, complemented their successes, and still leaves them a ways to go with their big dreams and goals.

People will hear about traditions, stereotypes, and surprises from these women, yet they all have something in common – hard work, perseverance, and optimism.

"For too long, the African narrative has been told by everyone except by us portraying the continent in a distorted one-dimensional view. Through our show, we want to change this narrative by providing a platform for the unconventional African woman to share her an unadulterated truth, breaking stereotypes and giving a fresh perspective and voice to the African narrative!" - Gloria Mangi

  Award winning journalist and innovator Gloria Mangi created African Queens Project to give voice to African women’s stories in 2012 and it has since garnered awards and accolades from companies like Google and the World Summit awards for it’s coverage, unique perspective, and its diverse content. With over 8 years of international experience as a media professional and a passion to change the African narrative, Gloria Mangi creating Queen Things Podcast.

Listeners will be able to tune in to The Queen Things Podcast on starting Mar 21, or can subscribe on Soundcloud, Apple’s free Podcasts app, etc.

The official launch sponsors of the Queen Things Podcast Season One are Moremi Initiative, Blk + Grn, and Up in the Air Life Luxury Travel. Their support leads the way for African-owned, black-owned, and minority-organizations to grasp new buyers throughout continents, respectively.

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African Queens Project, a pan African Non-Profit organization, operates on the ideology that through the empowerment and education of young women and girls, Africa will experience economic, sociological, and cultural prosperity. Women and girls already contribute substantially towards the economic growth and prosperity of this nation. In everything we write or report, we seek to inspire and celebrate African Women through our video clips, audio shows, and other news material we offer. We empower the Black and African woman to open their eyes to the various possibilities and opportunities every continent has to offer. Listeners can join the email list at

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Gloria Mangi is an award winning, creative, journalist, activist and founder of the award winning African Queens Project and host of Queen Things Podcast.