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Zee Cinema Africa empowers married women

Gloria MangiComment
Zee Cinema Africa empowers married women

Zee Cinema Africa has taken strides in the past five years that it has been on the African screens and this year, they are upping their game in the industry.

Zee Cinema Africa is a Hindi movie channel showcasing the best of Indian Cinema with its core proposition being ‘Movies, Masti, Magic.’ This clear leader in its genre, trend setter in the industry and global markets has maintained this reputation since inception in 2001.

Zee Cinema Africa has helped people of Africa to fulfil their appetite for Bollywood over the years and has thus grown to become one of the largest distributed South Asian channels in Africa. Encompassing all genres, stars, big banners and eras, the Zee Cinema Africa channel has the largest collection of Hindi films on the continent. With 15 hours of fresh content and five original movies daily, Zee Cinema is a pioneer in Africa for Bollywood.

2016 marks the fifth year of Zee Cinema Africa being on the continent, to make a huge splash in the market the channel has decided to become a title sponsor of its first ever pageant, Zee Cinema Mrs India South Africa. No other Bollywood movie channel in Africa has ever done this before.

The Mrs India South Africa pageant has been in South Africa for the past nine years, this year, being its 10th year will by far be the best pageant yet. The pageant will be taking place on Saturday, November 19 at the Durban Playhouse.

Mrs India South Africa pageant organiser, Mrs Anusha Bisaal said, “This pageant is directed at married career women and its main aim is women empowerment, to put it simply. This is a pageant that empowers women through empowered women.”

The Zee Cinema Mrs India South Africa pageant is not just the usual beauty pageant, the contestants undergo grooming and training to help them become better versions of themselves so that they in turn give this back to their communities and homes by making a difference in whatever way they can.

Married women from all over SA are encouraged to enter with a motivational letter as to why they deserve a chance to be a contestant in this prestigious showcase of superwomen.

Zee TV Africa CEO, Harish Goyal said, “Motivating women in SA is definitely something close to our hearts since we do know that women are the back bone of society, especially the wives, mothers and career women who uphold our homes daily and never ask for anything in return. This pageant is designed to put these magic makers on a pedestal, to empower and help them reach their goals and dreams. Zee Cinema Africa is proud to be a part of the Zee Cinema Mrs India South Africa pageant.”


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